waste: shain parker f-cks around w/ blumarine a/w

In this mini photo-edit, HOMECOMING commissioned four digital works by graphic designer and artist SHAIN PARKER.

We were instantly struck by PARKER'S ultra-lo-fidelity renderings of pixellated planets and rainbows and biological diagrams - the kind of imagery envisioned, as if, from the CMYK of a TV screen on standby.

Think right angles and phantasmagorical pop-brights trailing off into dot-com galaxies.

Think MGMT's starlight-starbright hippie neons, but less druggy and far more 2D (and thus, current).

So, our proposal? Go nuts, in and around BLUMARINE'S A/W12 collection. BLUMARINE, if you don't know, is an Italian label reveling in the rafters of its nation's filthy tack - glitter, sparkle, fur, ostentation - it's downright pretty fucking amazing.

Favored by billionaire Bari housewives with fake boobs and stylists like Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, BLUMARINE provides the ideal fashion anchor to PARKER'S craft - made all the more kaleidoscopic in this whip smart and hilarious exercise.

Photo 1: "Cat Junt" Photo 2: "Home Home" Photo 3: "Half Freed" Photo 4: "Waste"


21 June 2012